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OASYS Network Performance and Management Solutions

OASYS is an IT hardware and software Solutions Provider supplying products and services to monitor, analyze and manage applications and networks. Here you will find applications performance monitoring systems, network analyzers, and the matrix switches to support TAP and span connections that broker packets to your tools. Out of band data access appliances are offered to aggregate packet streams, filter them and regenerate outputs to monitoring systems and security tools. Our Installation and Professional Services can cover worldwide deployments. Please call today to discuss your applications.




gigamon_logoMost Recent Release GigaVUE HC2 up to 96 10Gbps in 2U read more->>

Gigamon GigaVUE aggregation and filtering appliances range from low cost entry level appliances to large carrier class systems. The solution includes a Visibility Fabric solution that encompasses (1) The Physical Network, (2) the VM environment accomodating VMotion, and (3) the ability to follow along with Software Defined Networks. The monitoring tool or security device can only be effective when all relative data flows are captured and available.


Gigamon's leadership in this market is evident with the rich feature set and proven track record. Deployments involving small dispersed TAPs and spans and simple matrix switching or Top of Rack (TOR) system can feed a centralized consolidated tool rack locally or remotely. All interfaces, 1Gbps Fiber optic SX LX EX or RJ45 Copper and 10Gbps Fiber optic SR LR ER or copper, all 40Gbps and 100Gbps connections are supported. Although the G-Series GigaVUE 212, 420, and 2404 systems are still viable the newest generation of H-Series systems offer higher desnsity capacities and more compute power for packet manipulation and statistical reporting. High density 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps are supported in the HD4 and HD8 platforms. Virtual environments are brought into the fold with GigaVUE-VM which provides the ability to tunnel your virtual connections on a blade out to a physical Gigamon appliance running GigaSmart tunneling feature.

Now with support for 40G Cisco BiDi - with new TAPs and 40G BiDi Transcievers.


$$$ Ask us about the H to G Series Upgrade Program $$$

GigaVUE 2404 to HC-2 Upgrade


FlowMaps extended to TA-1 - Absolutely lowest cost, highest feature set avaialble for Visibility Fabric.

Flow Mapping extended to low cost TA1


Let us help you to understand the issues involved in selecting a proven monitoirng fabric that is continually being improved and why other lower priced, poorly performing solutions don't have the feature set that is needed for effective packet brokering.


2014 SPECIALS and Promotional Pricing

CALL TODAY FOR DISCOUNTED QUOTES on GIGAMON, RIVERBED (SteelCentral for Performance Management and Control, Formerly Known As: OPNET, Cascade, NEOP) and Kemp Technologies Load Balancers - LOADMASTERS


Kemp Technologies No 1 !!Kemp Offers FREE TRIAL DOWNLOADS!!

KEMP Technologies LoadMaster line of Load Balancers integrates powerful, stable, full-featured load balancers with layer-7 content switching, SSL acceleration and security. KEMP has created an ideal family of products for customers looking for the best price/performance value proposition in high availability application delivery. All KEMP Load Balancers Feature: Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing and Layer 7(or Cookie) Persistence, SSL Offload/SSL Acceleration, Application Health Checking, Adaptive (Server Resource) Load Balancing, Layer 7 Content Switching, Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching, Compression & IPS Security KEMP Virtual Load Balancers Support More Hypervisors! KEMP Technologies virtual load balancer solutions have all the same features as the hardware load balancers KEMP Technologies Virtual Load Balancers run on VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Virtual Box.

- Hardware ----- Virtual ---- Cloud --- Bare Metal ----LOAD BALANCERS


OASYS Global IT Services offering OASYS Services - Provides global IT services, from planning and design to on-site deployments and everything in between. OASYS integration services can build and deliver servers with your applications to your specifications.

Our 24 X 7 Global NOC services can be tailored to your needs. Save valuable maintenance revenue using our discounted co-terminus programs for Cisco, HP, and others. OASYS brings 21 years working experience with data center build outs and Project Management.

contact Chris Johnson 973-838-5525



TAP's and Span, Aggregation, Filtering Matrix Switches


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To accurately capture packet streams TAP’s are used to avoid dropping or retiming as is often the case with SPANs. When this happens the integrety of the packets stored and resulting metrics are questionable. If you use the inaccurate information to make a decision you may be wasting time and money. An “out-of-band” system should be full featured, simple to use, should have high performance and be expandable. Packet Brokers that can work as a fabric and can filter, aggregate and share virtual and physical data flows provide the essential visibility for application, network and security monitoring. Let us help you research a solution that fits for you by sharing our experiences and pointing out pros and cons of the differenet choices for data access networks.




Garland TechnologyGarland Technology TAPs and modular chassis provide a simple solution that can grow with you. A stand alone TAP could be moved to a chassis later for aggregation and filtering of packets from many sources. Readily available 40Gbps all MTP/MPO SR TAP that comes with cable kit! Call for detailed information and pricing.



Networks, Application Servers, and Databases need to be working in harmony to effectively and securely support your business goals. To insure IT services are available and to quickly identify the cause of an outage or slowdown in operations Applications Performance Monitoring is essential for effective ITSM (IT Service Management) .

nMetricsRiverbed acquired Mazu, CACE Technologies, and OPNET to enhance the capabilities of the already successful Steelhead Wan Optimization solution. These products were rolled into the Riverbed Cascade division with OPNET and the resulting products include a merging of Network Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring in a single system that provides end-user experience metrics and transaction analysis with deep packet inspection capabilities. CACE Technologies brought an enhanced Wireshark solution called Pilot for distributed protocol analysis from remote Shark Appliances. Riverbed OPNET, Cascade, NEOP are now called:

Steel Central for Performance Management and Control

The solution offers superior network and application visibility for your business, so you can respond to IT performance problems faster. For application performance management, SteelCentral monitors applications and uses behavioral analytics to alert you when there are changes from normal behavior. For IT consolidation projects, you can use SteelCentral to expedite the discovery and dependency mapping phase. The Riverbed SteelCentral provides a complete solution for IT Service Management

For MORE INFO VISIT Steelcentral

Try a 30 Day Evaluation of the enterprise version of the console software formerly call Pilot.


Try a 10 Day Evaluaiton of the personal edition of the software formerly called Pilot PE.

Deep Packet Inspection and Network Analysis


Whether you are using protocol analyzers as a point and shoot tool (i.e. only used when needed) or you are collecting Zettabytes of packets to be mined later you owe it to yourself to look at the newest generation of network protocol analyzers. Shark Appliances and a Pilot consoles, from Riverbed are now part of SteelCentral and provide an enhanced frontend to Wireshark to accomplish distributed monitoring, trending, and packet mining.

TAP and span, filter, aggregation and packet regeneration matrix switch systems can feed these distributed appliances that are simultaneously viewed from your desktop. AirPcap USB adapters from Riverbed are used with open source Wireshark for 802.11a,b,g/n WiFi packet capture and decode.


Application Performance - Network PerFormance Management


Riverbed OPNET


Riverbed SteelCentral for Performance Management and Control Formerly Known As: OPNET, Cascade, NEOP

Today’s IT ops teams need an end-user and app-first viewpoint in the way they monitor, troubleshoot and analyze their network performance. Riverbed Network Performance Management solutions provide end-to-end visibility and analytics to deliver actionable information to resolve performance problem rapidly and proactively. Our Partnerships with Riverbed and data access network systems manufacturers enable us to offer secure and best in class enhancements to your infrastructure.



CALEA Solutions

CALEA Solutions - lawful intecept

We can recommend the hardware and monitoring software and deliver a complete integrated package to meet Lawful Intercept requirements for the Department of Homeland Security DHS, ISP Abuse Groups and Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act CALEA. The solution is appliance based or we can leverage our Partnership with IBM or HP and integrate hardware and storage for complete solutions. These systems can be fixed or portable and include frontend 1Gbps and 10Gbps Fiber Optic TAP’s and matrix switches with aggregation and filtering to keep costs down. Please call for more information.


Telemetry switches for remote console access via ethernet and serial connections with and without built in dial up modem. iBoot remote power control systems and reboot power strips. General Purpose I/O sensing and switching solutions.

PushkaBlue Pushkablue Data Communications Ltd is the leading developer and manufacturer of Remote Console access Port Selector Switches and Power Reboot solutions for the network appliance industry.


ITIL certified logoOpen Access Systems Sales Executives are ITIL V3 Certified and understand ITSM, Six Sigma practices and the HIPPA, HIPAA, SOX Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI compliance requirements. OASYS Service Portfolio and Service Catalogs are aligned to provide complete installed solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives and to create value for their customers. We are continually striving to improve our service. Browse .pdf and white paper resources listed on our .pdf index page.



Thank You ! We're Celebrating 21 Successful Years.

Value Proposition

OASYS focuses on providing the services, tools and peripherals to monitor end user experience, application and network performance, and information security. We work as a consultant reseller or manufacturer representative for a set of solutions that we aggregate to provide high performing optimized systems with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
Our catalog of products is specific to the IT Service Management category. We are ITIL v.3 certified and work with clients to understand business processes used and support Senior Management, Procurement, and technical staff to insure value of our solutions to all stakeholders. Our comprehensive approach is to consider not only the hardware and software element but also the ongoing maintenance and service requirements for future years.
Since 1993 our diligence and solutions continue to help clients manage system lifecycles with a constant eye on reducing Total Cost of Ownership year over year while enhancing business value through our continual service improvement philosophy. OASYS quickly responds to any and all client requests assisting in compliance, Service Level Verification, quotations, staging and coordinating delivery, and identifying resources to insure smooth implementation and to maintain operations. 

Our focus on application, performance management, and associated peripheral equipment to manage services are often used to help clients monitor outsourced processes to verify Service Level Agreement metrics. In every case we continue to work directly with clients’ designated project management or system architects to bring our talents and maximum value to the business with knowledge, experience and expertise. 

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